2016 has come, and I changed jobs. As of today I will work at Rencore, the company behind SPCAF, and I will be responsible for transformation tooling.

I entered the live of a consultant in 2001, before that I have been working as an inhouse IT specialist/consultant for almost 9 years, of which 1.5 years as an expatriate in Stockholm, Sweden. Moving into consulting was a huge change for me. From working every day at the same desk, with the same colleagues, I suddenly spent a big part of my day driving my lease car around The Netherlands. I lived in the eastern part of the country, almost on the German border, but my customers mostly were located in the Randstad area. I had one customer that required me to spend like 5 hours a day in the car going and coming from work (traffic jams are a serious issue in The Netherlands...). I did that job for a while, but couldn't handle the insane commutes, and decided it was time to move on. After some freelancing I moved back to Sweden and joined a Stockholm based consulting company where I worked for 5 years. That company ended up in a state of 'flux' and I was fortunate enough to move on to a large Nordic based consulting company. 6 years I worked there, mainly on in-house projects, but with the occasional on-site assignment. It was during those 6 years I had the opportunity to pass the Microsoft Certified Master certification.

Now the time has come to move something very different: as of today I will work as a Product Manager for Transformation Tooling (I know, it's a mouth-full). I will mainly work from home, which is very new to me, and my colleagues will be located all over Europe. No more consulting. Looking forward to the daily fika over Skype :-)

I can't be too specific about what's up and coming, but we have some great things in the pipeline for you, and I'm sure we will meet on a conference!