I actually do more than just writing PowerShell cmdlets for PnP or code on the PnP Provisioning Engine: I actually make music.

You can find me on YouTube, Spotify, Google Music, YouTube Music and quite a few more music services. I'm slowly starting to release the music I created there, so expect more to pop up in the future.

I've been a fan of synth music all my life, but never had the opportunity to own a 'real' one (for years I played on relatively simple keyboards). Until a few years ago, when I decided that I was 'old enough' to start to buy myself a few synths.

I ended up with 8 synthesizers now:

Ensoniq VFX-SD
Roland D-50
Roland D-05
Roland JV-1080
Roland M-OC1
Korg O1/Wfd
Korg Triton Rack
Behringer DeepMind 12

If you like what I make: just subscribe :-)